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Happy Day 

Welcome to The Firefly Life

A place for those both curious and serious

About living life as a firefly


The light comes from within 

Love fuels the flight

Light on wings of Love

Foundational Beliefs of a Firefly

I am you
You are me
We are unique yet connected
We are love
We are light
We are energy
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5.12.23 notes from firefly karen

I am a firefly

my purpose is hospitality

my groove is twirling

my everyday wish is to be the sliver of light

in someone's darkness

I am on a mission to inspire, activate and celebrate human fireflies.  This fall, I'll be touring the country in the Happy Day Van, meeting all the fireflies of the hospitality industry. 

Until then, I'm taking the Happy Day Van on a Summer of Love cross country adventure of music and dancing.  You can follow along the adventures of the van on TikTok and all my adventures on Instagram.  If you see us on the road snap a photo and tag it #HappyDayVanSummerofLove

I hope to see you on a dancefloor soon

We are all love & light - big hugs, Karen

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